InDesign Really Isn’t That Hard (InDesign Template)

InDesign Really Isn’t That Hard (InDesign Template)

Hey there,

It has come to my notice that a lot of people avoid designing in InDesign because the lack the knowledge of how to do so (and becaue they are afraid that it is time consuming).

Well, here is an eye-opener for you guys. It isn’t that hard. To prove this to you, I have developed a template for you in which I explain the basics. I hope you can benefit from this. And if you have problems, please feel free to comment here or write me a personal mail 🙂

I have a goal of making the world look prettier. We might get closer to this if you start using InDesign 🙂 Download Link

PS: If you are using InDesign CS5 or earlier, you have to open the idml-file and not the indd-file. Just as well, you might need to install some fonts that I have added to the same package. Enjoy