Geranium Gin
The Problem
Nowadays people tend to be more aware of the quality of what they are drinking, and this seems to be a general tendency. Geranium Gin (GG)stands for quality and style, but it needs exposure in order to conquer market shares. The task is both difficult and interesting for many reasons.It is always difficult to enter foreign markets.
It is necessary to consider political, cultural and financial aspects and due to the distance most of the research will be second hand sources.However, the project is also interesting because of the constraints we need to consider. A low budget and a short time frame should notnecessarily be seen as boundaries, but more as creative challenges we need to overcome. We have tried our best to meet our clients goals andfeel that we have succeeded in making a concept on his terms. Our solution will create awareness for the people who are influential regardingwhich brands are being displayed and used in exclusive bars.
Our Solution
Considering the fact that Henrik Hammer has a limited budget, makes most of the marketing himself and the fact that he cannot travel all over Europe all the time, we came up with some some basic elements we thought were vital for the solution. So we decided the keywords to be: low maintenance, low cost, easy to implement.
Our concept differs from an online marketing campaign as being measurable on the effect.
The effect of the campaign will be revealed quite fast, due to the personal marketing strategy we are using.
If our campaign turns out to be ineffective and no bars are contacting the distributor, GG will not suffer any significant financial losses. But it would conclude that they need to be approached in a different way. However, if the campaign is a success, reaction will be shown immediately in the form of bars contacting GG ́s distributor. Furthermore, if the above mentioned is the scenario, the next step will be implementing and introducing the concept to other cities in Europe.
In the end it ultimately comes down to return of investment (ROI). Henrik’s goal is to sell at least 200.000 bottles per year in 5 years. We have calculated that our campaign is a success if 30% of the approached or more will take in GG. This will make his sales increase significantly in a exponential range each year.
If our target group reacts positive, our solution can easily be implemented in other areas around Europe and the increase can therefore turn out to be exponential.
A consequence of successful campaign could be that the rumour of GG will spread to the surrounding areas in the 4 different cities and thereby increase sales even more.