I helped out in the Inbound Marketing team at Atcore in the autumn of 2012. The following designs are just some of the graphics I created during my internship at the marketing bureau. As the graphics I designed was both used internally and externally at Atcore I am not allowed to show everything.
I layouted 3 major e-books which has either been given to customers or sold through their e-shop. The Twitter-book is considered to get printed at some point.
For the purpose of making a blog-post easier to understand, I helped design several visuals. Some was more complex than others, of course.
During the internship I used spare time to work on a LinkedIn Infographic. There was no deadline, so I switched on and off with this project, which has resulted in various versions of each small design-pieces. The above was just a classic design based on the Atcore colours, while I tried to think more of the users of LinkedIn, when I designed the Infographic below. 
This was a more playfull version of the LinkedIn Infographic. While a lot more data has been added, this version is actually not the final version, as I will continue the work on the project during the spring of 2013. If you won't see it here, it will show up at Atcore.dk