In the autumn of 2012, a new scout team was formed with the purpose of arranging an inspiring new course form for the 10-12 year olds in The Danish Scout Association. The team became known as Lyx after a brainstorming session in November of 2012, and a logo was formed based on a lot of ideas throught the following month.
The name originated from a mishead repetition of the Greek goddess Nyx. Later, we realised that Lyx meant luxurious in Swedish. To embrace this meaning into our logo, we were inspired by the wings of the peacock. A few highlights of the design process can be seen here.
Investigating colour options.
Lyx logo with proportions.
Lyx desktop screen with graphics from the course in 2014.
Lyx invitation to the 2013 course.
Lyx invitation to the 2014 course.
Lyx t-shirt design for the 2013 course.
Lyx t-shirt design for the 2014 course.